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Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Photo Booth for Your Event

When planning an event, such as a wedding, birthday party, or corporate event, incorporating a photo booth can significantly elevate the experience. At 360 Photo Hire, we provide advanced 360 Video Booths and Selfie Pod photo booths to make your event truly memorable.

Here are the top 10 reasons why hiring a photo booth is a fantastic idea for your next event:

Selfie pod photo booth at a birthday party provided by 360 photo hire

1. Entertainment

Photo booths are a hit at any event, providing a fun activity that keeps guests entertained and engaged. They help break the ice and encourage interaction among guests. It's the best way to capture in the moment shots of your guests as they have fun at your event!

2. Creating Lasting Memories

Photo booths provide guests with keepsakes from your event. All our Booths offer instant sharing so guests can look back at their photos/videos on their mobile phones. Digital sharing means it's easy for guests to upload, share and keep their photos and videos. Additionally, the hirer receives an online video gallery the next morning, allowing them to view and save all the content captured at their event.

3. Instant Photo and Video Sharing

Our 360 Video Booths and Selfie Pod photo booths enable guests to instantly share their photos and videos via AirDrop, WhatsApp, or email. This real-time sharing capability ensures that guests can immediately spread the excitement of your event with friends and family.

4. Increased Guest Interaction

Photo booths naturally encourage guests to interact with each other. Whether it's a group of friends huddling together for a fun shot or colleagues breaking the ice at a corporate event, the booth becomes a social hub that offers fun and entertainment.

5. Interactive and Fun Props

We offer a variety of fun prop options to add to your package, encouraging guests to get have a laugh and be playful. From quirky hats and oversized glasses to themed accessories, props make the photo-taking experience more enjoyable and memorable.

360 photo booth at a birthday party provided by 360 photo hire

6. Memorable Guest Experience

A photo booth provides a unique and memorable experience for guests. The combination of instant sharing, fun props, and the ability to capture special moments makes a photo booth an unforgettable addition to any event. All guests will leave with a digital reminder of the great time they had, ensuring your event is remembered for years to come.

7. Personalisation

Tailor the photo booth experience to fit the theme of your event. All photos and videos come with a free custom template overlay meaning you can personalise it to match your event.

8. High-Quality Photos and Videos

Our booths use high-tech cameras and special software that automatically applies the special effects, ensuring high-quality photos and videos. This advanced technology guarantees that your guests will have professional-grade keepsakes from your event.

9. Versatility for Any Event

Photo booths are versatile and suitable for various events, including weddings, corporate gatherings, birthday parties, and more. Our 360 video booths and selfie pod photo booths can adapt to any setting, adding a touch of fun and sophistication to your event.

10. Professional Operation and Setup

At 360 Photo Hire, we take care of everything. We handle the delivery, setup and breakdown for all of our booths so you don't need to worry! Our 360 Video Booth comes with professional booth attendants who operate the booths, ensuring everything runs smoothly and allowing you to focus on your guests and event. Our Selfie Pod is so simple to use that a booth attendant isn't needed, simply click a photo option, pose and send the photo/video instantly.

Guest at a birthday party in Essex using a selfie pod photo booth provided by 360 photo hire


Adding a photo booth to your event is a surefire way to enhance the guest experience, create lasting memories, and ensure your event is one to remember. At 360 Photo Hire, we offer cutting-edge 360 Video Booths and Selfie Pod Photo Booths that provide instant sharing, fun props, and professional operation. Covering Essex, Kent, and London, we are ready to bring excitement and unforgettable moments to your next event.

For more information and to book your photo booth, visit 360 Photo Hire or click the button below. We look forward to making your event the best yet!

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