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Elevate Your Events with a 360 Photo Booth at London Chigwell Prince Regent Hotel

Updated: Jun 26

Creating unforgettable memories is essential for any special occasion, and at the London Chigwell Prince Regent Hotel, adding a 360 Video Booth can take your event to the next level. Our 360 photo booth setups have been a hit at numerous weddings and birthday parties held at this prestigious venue. Here's a closer look at how our two distinct options '360 Standard' and '360 Ultimate' — can enhance your event.

360 Standard photo booth setup in the Consort Suite at London Chigwell Prince Regent Hotel, featuring chain barriers, a red carpet, and a variety of fun glasses and headwear props

360 Standard: Elegance with a Touch of Glamour

The 360 Standard setup offers a sleek and sophisticated experience. We set up in the Consort Suite, just off the Princess Suite where the main parties take place as it offers a large amount of space for the 360 Booth and for guests to queue.

The Standard option features the 360 Video Booth surrounded by black chain barriers. The optional add-on of the red carpet offers a touch of Hollywood glam as guests enter the room and see the 360 for the first time. With the added extra of the glasses/headwear prop box, guests can accessorise themselves, making their 360 videos fun and unique. The simplicity of the 360 Standard setup makes it a very popular choice for both weddings and birthday parties at the Prince Regent Hotel.

360 Ultimate photo booth setup in the Consort Suite at London Chigwell Prince Regent Hotel, with a large inflatable LED booth and confetti

360 Ultimate: Immersive and Fun-Filled Experience

For those looking to add an extra wow factor, the 360 Ultimate setup is the perfect choice. This option includes a large inflatable LED booth, creating a stunning visual centrepiece in the Consort Suite. The white background of the LED paired with the lights offers a perfect backdrop for the 360 videos. The inclusion of confetti enhances the experience, making the videos visually stunning. The LED booth and confetti create a party atmosphere that captivates guests, making their 360 videos truly unforgettable.

A Versatile Venue for Memorable Events

The London Chigwell Prince Regent Hotel is an exceptional venue for any celebration, offering a modern luxury hotel feel. The Consort Suite provides an ideal setting for our 360 Photo Booth setups. Whether you're hosting a wedding or a birthday party, our 360 Standard and 360 Ultimate options cater to different tastes and preferences, adding a unique and entertaining element to your event.

Enhance Your Event with 360 Photo Booth Hire

In conclusion, the 360 photo booth setups at the London Chigwell Prince Regent Hotel have been a huge success at numerous weddings and birthday parties. Whether you choose the elegant 360 Standard or the 360 Ultimate, your guests will have an incredible time capturing their special moments.

If you're planning an event in the Chigwell area, consider adding a photo booth to make it truly special. These booths not only entertain guests but also provide lasting memories for the hirer and their guests. For top-quality photo booth hire, visit Our professional service and high-end equipment will ensure your event is unforgettable.

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